VOCA 2007(推薦文:降旗千賀子)


「VOCA 2007」/ 展覧会カタログ / 降旗千賀子(目黒区美術館学芸員)[推薦文] p38 / 2007年

VOCA 2007 (Recommendation : FURIHATA Chikako)

kuroshima always retains an awareness of the word "painting" but deliberately avoids using a white canvas attached to rectangular stretcher bars. During her studentyears, she boldly confronted these physical elements and continued to question herself while making art. I do not intend to discuss here the issue of the support that stood between the artist and artistic expression in twentieth century art, but it is significant that Kuroshima, who was raised in a Buddhist temple in Mukojima, became familiar with painting in the from of hanging scrolls or hand scrolls which were used to decorate the temple. She tells of a primal experience of painting as physical objects that she had to engage wiht white looking at the imagery. These kinds of Japanese paintings, designed for ease of display and storage, are also characterized by compositions in which different parts of a narrative are shown simultaneously or similar parts appear separately at different times. The imagery is presented in unique relationships, in which both making and observing take place through "temporal displacement." Kuroshima uses these formats and mechanisms as the pictorial space of her own art. The work shown here, titled Light, depicts the flowing, spiritual rhythm and balance of the artist's everyday world on a roll of thin cloth. She reports that her emotions are stirred in spring every year by the luxuriant cherry blossoms on the east bank of the Sumida River. The flowers that she paints with the energy absorbed from these cherry blossoms are embodiments of the artist, a similar image appearing at different times. She paints her own sense of presence and time, which floats like a stratum in space in the completed painting. I have great expectations of this artist, who has chosen a unique from of painting and artistic expression, and look forward to seeing the bright, shining images, as yet unknown to her, that will emerge in the flow of her work.

「VOCA 2007」/ Exhibition catalog / FURIHATA Chikako (Curator, Meguro Museum of Art, Tokyo) [Recommendation] p38 / 2007

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